NZWCA Stencil Products

Stencil – Metal

These will be ordered each year at the end of May or when we have received orders for 5 or more.

To order: direct credit $25 into the following account:

  • BNZ account 02 0828 0036732 00
  • Particulars: your name
  • Reference: your registration number

The branding spray we recommend is SPRAY WELL standard marker upright, see below.

Video demonstration of recommended stencil application
A metal stencil
Stencil applied to a bale

SprayWell Marker Paint


  • SprayWell Standard Marker is semi permanent and highly visible.
  • Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including; logs and timber (dry or damp), grass, gravel, cement, steel drums, roads, plastic wrap and more.
  • Toluene-free formula
  • The cans come with four different nozzle configurations for different applications and the range consists of 15 different colours.


  • Standard – Standard spray paint type nozzle.
  • High Discharge – For extra thick application of marker.
  • Fine – Better suited for free hand writing.
  • Fan – For wide coverage.

SprayWell Marker Paint can be obtained from Blackwoods, Protector Safety NZ Safety and PGG Wrightson. The cost is approximately $8 to $9 per can.

Personalised Kiwi Stamp

Express Rubber Stamps LTD supplies personalised Kiwi stamps. If you are looking to order a Personalised Kiwi Stamp please contact them directly.

Approx cost:
Kiwi Stamp $15.00 prices may vary
Ink Pad $10.00 prices may vary
Courier dependent on area

Ph. 0800 030 489 or 06 368 5980
Fax: 06 368 1512

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