Nomination Form For NZWCA Classer Awards

To be completed and submitted by wool broker/wool rep/area manager 

To enable us to carry out this respected annual recognition of classers and graders we appreciate assistance from the personnel in the wool trade who inspect clips during and after the classing of a clip. In an effort to improve and streamline nominations, we have made some changes allowing the nominations to be made via the NZWCA website, as the season progresses. We require all nominations to be made by the last day of February each year.

As always, we are looking to recognise and encourage people whose work is consistently of the highest quality, however we also like to hear about classers/graders who had challenges (eg: short staffed/inexperienced staff, poor working conditions or shed design etc) but rose above to present well prepared wool for auction and contracts met.

There are six merit awards: Merino, Mid Micron, Cross Bred, Encouragement Award (Provisional Classer or Grader), North Island (clip classed in the North Island), and Owner Classer. 

The following criteria should be used for a nomination

  • Clips are well classed for micron divisions, style, length, strength and colour;
  • High level of acceptance into any contracts in place for clip;
  • Oddments are prepared well;
  • Bin bales kept to minimum;
  • Wool shed and staff are well organised;
  • Documentation is carried out to a high standard;
  • Include challenges faced, if any;

If requested  by NZWCA judging panel the nominator should be able to supply and/or speak confidentially about test results and other pertinent technical information.

NB: we no longer ask that nominators make a validation check of a classer or grader’s current registration status when a nomination is made. NZWCA will do that as part of the judging process that follows your nomination.

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