Woolshed Contamination Checklist

Suggestions to avoid wool bale contamination.

Prior to shearing:

  • Wool growers consider how they are using wool shed for storage – ensure wool room is clear prior to shearing
  • Shearing board and wool room washed and cleared prior to shearing
  • Classers, pressers and woolhandlers check all fadges before putting wool in them, especially those that may have been sitting partially full before shearing begins
  • Count press bars at the beginning and at end of each shearing – there should be four!

During Shearing:

  • Rubbish bins provided and accessible
  • Designated storage area (hooks, shelves or large containers) for personal belongings of shed staff
  • Only work equipment (e.g.: fadges, brooms) in the wool room
  • No drink bottles, clothing or towels stored near oddment fadges
  • Remove all rubber rings and lambs purses from wool
  • No smoking in wool room
  • Personal hook for Presser close to wool press
  • Count press bars before pinning each bale, there should be four!
  • No food consumed in wool area – separate eating area is the ideal
  • Supply newspaper for Bin bales – don’t use wool packs as bale dividers, download our Clip Preparation – Best Practice Guidelines
Examples of wool bale contamination
Examples of contamination objects found in bales.

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