Health & Safety Programme

Health & Safety Programme

NZWCA have joined the Tahi Ngatahi the online platform that uses video clips to pass on skills and safety tips to all working in the wool harvesting industry.

It’s a joint initiative between the NZ Shearing Contactors’ Association (NZSCA), Federated Farmers, Worksafe and ACC.

What is this all about?

Tahi Ngatahi is an online training platform for everyone working in and around the wool shed. All parts of our industry have come together to create something that makes us safer, our careers longer and to help us look out for each other. To get a certificate you need to sign up learn from the best and then show what you know by answering the questions. Once you have a certificate it will be shared with NZWCA as long as you are connected. To maintain this certificate you need to resit the programme each year.

Tahi Ngatahi’s aim is:

  • Reduce common injuries by 30% and prolong Careers
  • Build a stronger, more skilled workforce
  • Make wool harvesting employment more attractive to new entrants
  • Support the wellbeing of rural families and communities

You association committed to this programme to give our members a certificate that recognises that they have completed a course in Health & Safety. Most importantly it is at NO COST to you and it does replace the Health & Safety programme NZWCA made available some years ago.

Posted May 4, 2020 by David.