Sonya Johansen

Stencil: A1099
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Porowai Ltd
Phone: 027 223 1028
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Membership type: Board Member, Full

I am now retired after working 20 years at Hawkes Bay Prison as a senior Corrections Officer.  I have always been involved with the wool harvesting industry and now only class at Timahanga Station which is a large Corriedale sheep farm located just over the Gentle Annie on the Napier Taihape road.

I just love going up there and enjoying the fresh air, breathtaking scenery and working with the real people of New Zealand. I have this shed now for 30 years and it really is a retreat that I can go to and enjoy working with wool.

I have won several merit awards for this clip which is hand in hand with the experienced team of woolhandlers from Brendan Mahony (shearing contractor) team.