Rose Barnett

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From Motueka-Nelson, I started my life in the shearing scene on my 21st birthday Cooking. My Cooking career was short lived however as I went on to become a woolhandler. Working with wool then became my life long passion.

This passion has taken me around New Zealand, the UK and Australia, enabling me to work a long side my heros and mentors. In 1992 I competed in Woolhandling competitions which was confidence building, then I went onto gaining my Certificate In Wool from Lincoln Universtity. Later on achieving recommendations for xbred and merino clips I classed.

I have also helped manage a shearing contract/Holiday camp, front desked at a Hospital, completed a Tourism and a Computing course and was part owner of a courier business. At present, I still work actively as a woolhandler and class a run in Tarras, Otago. My aim now is to give back to the wool industry by becoming a mentor.