Kevin Waldron

Stencil: D984

Phone: 03 488 0187
Mobile: 027 432 0117
Membership type: Board Member, Full

Hi, I am Kevin Waldron. I live in Fairfield, Dunedin with my partner Catherine and we have two adult sons. I left school at the end of 1977 with no idea of where or what my future employment would be. Until I was given a jog opportunity as a Junior Wool Classer at my father’s work Christmas function by Dave Studholme (a well-known Classer/Manager for Wrightson NMA Wool in those days).

The condition of employment was that I worked six months in the shearing sheds to get enough understanding of wool before I started as a Junior Wool Classer for Wrightson NMA. I started my own classing run in 1982. I have now worked over 45 years in the Wool Industry.

As the Broker rep on the NZWCA I would like to help younger Classers get a better understanding of how to prepare lines for sale, either contracts or auction. I also look forward to working with other NZWCA Board members to achieve all goals that NZWCA have.

Cheers, Kevin.